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« on: November 23, 2011, 07:03:35 pm »
Okay, the point is next.
My name is Aleks, and i come from a little country called Estonia. I have played this server for like 2 months i think, maybe 1.5, idk. Well, i really like the server now, okay, we dont have that much players and we can have that small or big stafflist but the people in this server are very nice, look at john, exordium, james, corey, both sins,asd, austin, jef and even you hoodlum. We could have 6 players, but i think we still have the kindest freaks out here

So i decided that i wanna do something for this server, i wanna help to get ourselves some fun, players, i wanna help the starters, and even myself. I would like to apply for a moderator, give me just 2 days and i proove that i can do it because the rank is not only for a stupid crown, its about honour man.

I have no idea who would vote for me, or dislike me but i just want to show how much i like you guys and how much i like this server :)

And hoodlum, please dont delete the post just after you see it, let the people choose :)
Every day when i think of my life,
the people called "friends" have been stabing me with a knife.

They talk behind me by knowing all but ****,
who's the one i can share my problems with..

In front of you they could be nice,
But its same as playing with a dice.

They still bully you untill you die,
they lie...and lie... and lie...

But there's one friend, who never lets you down,
With this friend, you'll never be alone

So keep in your mind and don't be blind,

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